Jun 23, 2023 | EV Guides

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With the rapidly gaining popularity of electric vehicles, and the government’s agenda of going net zero by the year 2050, it’s hard to ignore the call of transitioning to electric travel. But is making the switch to an electric vehicle right for you? With so many more reasons to choose EVs than just the environmental impact, we’ve compiled 8 great reasons why you should consider investing in your first electric vehicle. 

Electric vehicles generally have a lower cost of ownership - image of uk currency on a dark background

Lower Cost of Ownership

Electric vehicles are typically less expensive to own and maintain than gas-powered vehicles, with lower fuel costs and fewer moving parts to maintain. Although purchasing an EV is considered a pricey investment, owning an EV is a lot cheaper when compared to owning a conventional vehicle. It could cost up to £100 to fill up a family car with petrol, but did you know it could take as little as £10 to fully charge an electric vehicle? The entire cost of ownership does depend on the type of electric vehicle but on average, costs associated with EVs are significantly lower when compared to owning a conventional car. 

Electric vehicles are better for the environment

Environmental Benefits

Any list of top reasons to switch to an electric vehicle wouldn’t be complete without addressing the environmental benefits. Electric vehicles produce zero emissions, which means they have a much smaller environmental impact than traditional petrol or diesel powered vehicles. By switching to an EV, you can reduce your carbon footprint as electric vehicles produce no greenhouse gas emissions. This also helps to improve local air quality and reduce health risks associated with air pollution.  

government grants contribute towards the benefits of electric vehicles

Government Incentives for Switching to Electric Vehicles

The UK government are currently offering a number of grants and tax incentives to encourage both businesses and individuals to switch to electric vehicles. These grants can help offset the upfront cost of purchasing an EV and installing EV charging stations. To find out more, head over to our government grant guide or quickly check your eligibility using our EV Grant Checker

a benefit of electric vehicles is the improved efficiency

Improved Energy Efficiency

Electric vehicles are more energy efficient than traditional vehicles, meaning they require less energy to travel the same distance. This can lead to significant cost savings over time. An EV is considered to be over 70% more efficient than a conventional vehicle from the moment it turns on. Electric vehicles also reuse their brake energy, so when an EV brakes most of its energy is recovered and transferred back to the battery. Whereas, in a conventional car, the braking energy is converted into heat and wasted.  

electric vehicles are considered better for driving experience

Electric Vehicles are Considered a Better Driving Experience

Electric vehicles are typically considered to be smoother and more enjoyable to drive, compared to conventional vehicles. According to many drivers, EVs are much quieter, with instant torque and smoother acceleration, leading to a generally more pleasant driving experience. With a powerful motor and the battery being in the vehicles floor, an EV has a low centre of gravity, making it more stable with improved handling.  

EVs contribute towards better air quality

Better Air Quality

With overall reduced emissions, EVs are one of the main reasons for improved air quality. This has several health benefits, such as a reduction in chronic and acute respiratory illnesses including asthma, lung disease and more. On a larger scale, improved air quality could actually impact premature mortality rates by reducing the chances of stroke and other heart diseases caused by pollution. Better air quality can also directly impact mood and normalise sleep patterns, leading to enhanced individual health and productivity, and reducing workplace absences and strains on public healthcare. 

convenient EV charging options

Convenient Charging Options

With more and more charging stations being installed around the UK, it’s becoming easier and more convenient to charge electric vehicles on the go. As the popularity of EVs increases, supermarkets, fast food outlets, and businesses, have started installing chargepoints at their premises, with some offering reduced rates or free charging to attract new customers. Even some domestic chargepoints are now available to hire, with services such as JustPark offering access to a network of convenient EV charging spaces. 

the benefits of switching to an EV include future proofing your travel

Future-Proof Your Travel when You Switch to an EV

As the world moves towards more sustainable energy sources, switching to an electric vehicle now can help future-proof your transportation needs, and reduce your carbon footprint to help future-proof the planet. It’s a great time to get started with your first electric vehicle, whilst there are numerous grants to take advantage of and a range of innovative EV charging stations to choose from.  

What’s the next step to switch? 

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