With a change in building requirements and the increase in uptake of electric vehicles, EV charger installation has become a high priority for property developers in recent years. Whether you need multiple chargers installing at a new office development, or home EV chargers adding to your residential site, Yü Charge have a range of EV solutions and more for construction companies.

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It’s estimated that in the next 5 years you’ll find more than 50 million electric vehicles on the road. It’s no wonder then, that a 2022 change in building regulations now requires all new-build homes and workplaces, supermarkets, and major renovations, to ensure EV charging points are installed. With this regulation already in effect, demand for EV charger installation at new property developments has seen a sharp increase. Factoring in your development’s EV charge point needs early on, can help to secure the best rates and avoid any delays in your build.

Aside from the regulatory requirements, installing EV chargers at your residential or commercial development offers a range of benefits. EV chargers increase ‘kerb appeal’ and help attract the new generation of eco-conscious buyers. They’re also a big plus for your environmental credentials, promoting the move to more sustainable travel and helping to decrease carbon emissions.


Future-proof your developments and meet building regulations with EV charger installation for commercial and residential developments or renovation projects. Partnering with Yü Charge for your EV requirements offers a plethora of benefits, from our years of experience to our excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on offering quick quoting through our comprehensive EV review, meaning you know what you’ll pay upfront, with no hidden costs.

We know that your development will be set to tight deadlines and budgets. Our expert team are quick and efficient, and we offer short lead times from quote to installation, meaning your project continues to run smoothly. We become an extension of your team, offering an unrivalled EV installation service that helps your development meet requirements and stay on schedule.

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Our extended services through sister company, Yü Energy, mean we can support your development with more than just EV charging. Other services include:


The UK government has brought in some changes to the EV charge point installation requirements concerning developers, as of 15th June 2022 installation of EV charge points became mandatory within all new homes, commercial buildings and buildings undergoing major renovations consisting of more than 10 parking spaces. These changes are brought into place in order to swiftly accommodate the UK government’s vision and goal of a ban on diesel and petrol cars from the year 2030.

We understand and share your concerns regarding cost, time, and management, at Yü Charge we want to support you bridge the gap between your plans and the governmental regulations. We’re here to help you add EV charge points to your developing properties, preparing you for the change.

Requirements for EV charging on new developments
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There are a few technicalities behind initiating the EV charge point installation process, so here we’ve put together all the key factors you need to take under consideration to power your project to achieve high-quality, well-organized and safe installations.

Your first consideration should be to have a good understanding of the number of charge points will be needed on your property, this is a situational factor as it depends on the type of property you’re developing, the size of your property, the number of potential users of charge points and the budget allocated towards EV installation.

Once you’ve determined the number of charge points, the next step should be the type of chargers you’ll be installing on the property, this factor will depend on the type of property and the number of charge points on your property, you can find the type of charge points there are in the market here.

Finally, once you’ve selected the type of charge points you’ll be installing at your property, it will be time to select the locations of the charge points; the charge points should be located in areas which are accessible, visible, and convenient for the property holders.

We had Josh come out to fit an Ohme charge pod. He was excellent; quick, efficient and friendly. He even swept the floor after himself and changed something that he noticed had been left in an unsafe condition by our electricians. So impressed, would highly recommend.

Great experience from enquiry to fitting. Trishan who we spoke to a number of times, was so good and helpful and his customer service skills were excellent. Our fitter Rob was knowledgeable and extremely able, the fitting took some time and he explained what he was doing at all times. Happy to have him in the house and would readily recommend him and the company. A great experience for us 👍🏻👍🏻

Very happy with the service from YuCharge. They honoured the £300 government grant unlike some other suppliers I talked to and they were better priced than all the others.

Would recommend to any small business in Hampshire.